Memphis Grizzlies mascot Grizz the bear

Grizz the bear mascot of memphis grizzlies

Memphis Grizz the Grizzlies’ Bear.
Mascots are a timeless tradition. In the world of sports, mascots apart from being used for merchandising, representation and are thought to bring luck to the team, provide a form of entertainment, bring a different feel to the game and strike fear in their opposing teams. A mascot is basically any person, animal or object believed to bring luck or to represent a group with a common public identity such as a school, brand name, military unit or professional
sports team.

In the world of sports, team mascots are often related to their respective team nicknames which is true when the nickname is a something that’s a living animal and/or can be made to have humanlike characteristics. Some teams often opt for unrelated character to serve as mascot when they have more abstract nicknames. Team mascots may take the form of a logo, person, live animal, inanimate object or a costumed character and will appear at team matches and other related events.
The grizzlies mascot

Initially, it was sports organizations that thought of using animals as a form of mascot to bring entertainment and excitement for their spectators. Stylistic changes in the mid-20th century soon were adapted to sports mascot allowing the people to have both visual enjoyment and physical interactions with the mascots.
There is no other place where mascots are more beguiling, more front and more center than in professional. The live NBA arena experience – with its light, timeouts, breaks and fans – makes it the perfect stage for an enterprising performer in a fuzzy costume. Some of the most popular mascots in NBA are:
Rocky the Mountain Lion (Denver Nuggets) one of the most recognizable and beloved mascots in the NBA. He’s known for his daring acrobatics and innovative skills that have made his performances one that’s always anticipated by the fans.
Hugo the Hornet (Charlotte Hornets) a four winner of the NBA Mascot Slam Dunk Championship and a 2-time winner of the NBA Best Mascot Award by NBA Inside Stuff, a magazine he’s been featured in on numerous occasions.

Benny the Bull (Chicago Bulls) one of the most acclaimed popular mascots of all time, including being named as one the most popular mascots n sports by Forbes in 2013.

Grizz the Bear is the official mascot of Memphis Grizzlies. He was first introduced in 1995 when the Grizzlies were still in Vancouver. Grizz was initially “a fat and furry” mascot; his fur was brown and shaggy and his belly was round and saggy, bursting from the confines of his too-small jersey.
During the three seasons the Grizzlies played at The Pyramid after the move, “the large Grizz” was still the mascot. Grizz was described as “fat like Santa, jolly and full of joy” by John “Pugs” Pugliese, the Grizzlies’ vice president of marketing, broadcast and communications. Occasionally, there was an appearance of “Mrs Grizz” who was less of a secondary mascot and more of a running gaga; basically Grizz in a dress.

February 11, 2014, the Grizzlies rebranded their logo and unveiled their new uniforms, and also created a campaign around Grizz that concluded with the bear changing from the brown to the blue. “We were getting rid of our baby fat,” Andy Dolich who was Grizzlies president of business operation then explained. Grizz was redesigned with the Beale Street in mind making him more mobile, athletic, fanciful with an unnatural Beale Steele blue fur to match the primary color of the redesigned logo. According to club mythology, the current Grizz is actually the old Grizz, transformed from overweight to supersleek with the help of a magic potion, as chronicled in a giveaway comic book and a promotional video created to introduce the redesigned logo and uniforms when   Grizzlies moved to the FedEx Forum.
Grizz, currently in his 19th season has remained a furry fan favorite.

In 2011, he was named 2011 NBA Mascot of the Year as voted by his peers. He also has an alter-ego that was re-introduced when Memphis Grizzlies celebrated their tenth year anniversary in Memphis, Super Grizz. Super Grizz dons a mak and cape. When not rallying fans at the FedExForum, he often found at St. Jude encouraging children in their battle against cancer, an issue very dear to him after his own defeat of the disease back in 2008. Other mascots then, came together in support of Grizz and formed the “Friends of Grizz” to support cancer patients.

What makes Grizz a fan favorite is his ability to mix up his performances with professional wrestler for the entertainment of the crow. He once danced along Memphis wrestling legend Jerry “The King” Lawler and Rikshi.
In his “Super Grizz” persona, he channels his inner grappler, walloping fellow mascots with steel chairs, jumping off ladders like Jeff Hardy or balcony diving like New Jack. These stunts show he’s well in tune with Memphis’ background as a wrestling hotbed.  In 2015, Grizz put his sidekick “Natch” through a table after revealing he was a secret Blazers fan, wearing their jersey. He also applied a pile driver move to Natch face planting the mascot on the hardwood.

Grizz is known for his shenanigans and his stunting abilities. He’s currently ranked as the 9th best mascot in the NBA and 18th in the professional sports.

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