Ranking Memphis Grizzlies’ Coaches part 1

memphis grizzlies top coaches

As an NBA franchise, Memphis Grizzlies have gone through many different head coaches, all with different personalities, and different coaching styles. With that said, let’s rank the coaches based on their numbers and performances, from the worst to the best based on polls:

12. Marcus John Iavaroni
Marcus John Iavaroni memphis grizzlies
At No.12 on this list is Marc Iavaroni – the American is a retired basketball player and has served as assistant coach for several NBA teams. Marc took charge of the Grizzlies from May 30, 2007 to January 22, 2009. In his first season, he coached 82 games, won 22 and lost 60. The Grizzlies finished 5th in the division. In his second season, he was fired after an 11-30 start to the 2008-09 season. In total, he had a .268 W-L%.
11. Sidney Lowe
Ex-NBA Grizzlies coach Sidney Lowe
Sidney Rochell Lowe sits at No.11 – the former player and current assistant coach for Detroit Pistons began his second stint as a coach with the Grizzlies in the 2000-01 NBA Season in Vancouver. Sidney Lowe coached a total of 172 games from 2001-03. In his first two seasons, he set a franchise record 23-59 (both seasons), finishing 7th in the Midwest. He resigned early in the 2002-03 season after starting 0-8. He left the Grizzlies with a .280 W-L%.
10. Stu Jackson
Stu Jackson grizzlies
The American basketball executive and former executive vice president of the NBA, currently serving as the associate commissioner for the Big East. He was the general manager of the Grizzlies in their first five seasons. He took over after Winter was fired, coaching just 39 games, winning 6. The Grizzlies finished 7th in the Midwest division and Stu left with a .154 W-L%
9. Brian Winters
Brian winters grizzlies
Brian Joseph Winters was the franchise’s first head coach. The former basketball player and coach was in charge of Vancouver Grizzlies from 1995-1997. He coached a total of 125 games in his two seasons. He won total of 51 games. Brian Winters did get the Grizzlies Shareef Abdur-Raheem, who made huge impacts on joining the Grizzlies.

8. Brian Hill
Brian Hill (basketball) coach
The retired American basketball coach became head coach of the Vancouver Grizzlies in 1997. In his first season, he won 24 games out of 49 with a .232 W-L%, as the Grizzlies finished 6th in the Midwest division. In the 1998-99 season he won only 8 of 50 games. He was fired early in his third season following a4-18 start.
7. J.B. Bickerstaff
Former Memphis Grizzlies Head Coach j b bickerstaff
John-Blair Bickerstaff is the current head coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has also been an assistant coach for several NBA teams and he served as the head coach for the Grizzlies from 2017-19. He was hired as an associate head coach back in 2016 and was promoted in 2017 as the Interim head coach following the firing of David Fizdale. He was announced permanent coach in 2018. As an interim coach, he finished 4th in the Southwest division with a 37-34 record (.521W-L%). His second season however ended with a 15-48 record. In his final season, the Grizzlies finished 3rd in the Southwest division, with a 33-49 record (a .402 W-L%).
6. Tony Barone
Former Memphis Grizzlies Head Coach Tony Barone Dies at 72
The late Anthony Andrew Barone was an American basketball coach and scout – appointed by Jerry West after Mike Fratello was fired in 2006 as interim head coach. Prior to his appointment, he was the Grizzlies’ director of player personnel. He tenure saw him coaching 52 games, with 16 wins and 36 losses. The team finished 5th in the Southwest division. He had a .308% W-L%.

These seven coaches all have something in common – they were unable to take the Grizzlies to the playoffs during their tenure. Some coaches will not be included due to their very short term with the team previously and currently.
In the next story, we’ll focusing on the top five coaches of the Grizzlies.

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